Raptor 30 v2 Crash #3

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Raptor 30 v2 Crash #3

Post by HeliRaptor » Wed Aug 02, 2017 3:17 pm

Well I went out today with a friend to fly. He just got his Heli back together from a crash. So we were supposed to goto the funfly in Maine today but time wasn't on our side.

We went to a local field to fly. His Heli was having some issues, after about 1 hour of troubleshooting it, we noticed the second wire from the GY401 gyro wasn't connected. We attached the wire and the problem went away (Problem was the Gyro not locking the tail). So his Heli got a couple small flights in with no major issues. His clutch let go but while on the ground.

So I got 4 maybe 5 8 - 10 minute flights in. During what was going to be my last flight I decided to try and do a little forward flight but up 35 - 40 feet. I was doing ok and then lost orientation and brought it straight to the ground. Went to look at it and damage looked major at first. Skids were mangled, boom antenna was MIA and the fly bar was really bent bad. Top fin on the tail was broke on both sides. Tail boom looked like it was struck by the main rotor blades.

After carefully looking it over the damage was actually minimal. Flybar was straightened and the skids were straight but pretty mangled. So I got it looking pretty good right at the field. I decided that I would sit the Heli on a piece of wood as it would stand up with the damage the skids received. I then started it up and noticed that everything looked really good at a low RPM so I decided to hover the Heli, well that looked great too. So I decided to give a test flight. It flew almost as good as it did before the crash. I landed it within a couple minutes as I didn't want to push my luck and crash a second time for today.

So I went home and cleaned the heli up and checked it over real good. Damage is only the FlyBar, Skids, Top Fin and the tail boom. So I quickly put in an order for the parts at www.HeliProz.com, my buddy had 1 skid, so I put that on and checked everything else out and it is ready to fly. But I will replace all the parts as soon as I receive the new ones.

Here is a picture of it when I got home. I didn't bring the camera to the field. I wish I did as I would have loved to get a pic of it when it hit the ground then when it was in the air handicapped.

This crash was August 6, 2005. I was barely at one year of flying at this time.
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