Hello from New Hampshire

Here we can share some info about ourselves with the other members of the site. This will allow each other to know more about the people we share the same hobby with and interact with on a daily basis through the Forums.
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Hello from New Hampshire

Post by HeliRaptor » Tue Aug 01, 2017 4:17 am

Hi, I'm Dennis aka HeliRaptor. I've been flying off and on for 13 years now. At one point I was a field rep for Morgan Fuels "Cool Power" and Outrage RC. I started HeliRaptor.com back in 2004 and dedicated it to the Thunder Tiger Raptor. As time went on the forums grew as did the helicopters we discussed.

Unfortunately the site got hacked and all data was lost and the sites host didn't offer backups and to say the least, I didn't backup the site. This happened around 2006 I believe. I tried to bring the site back but users were upset and I didn't have patience do to some things in my personal life, so I shut the site down, but had intentions of trying to come back.

So after a long break from running the site and a approximately 5 year break from the hobby I decided to bring the site back fresh, with a new look, new Web Host with backups and lots of patience. I have also decided to fly again, but with intentions of just flying for fun. I am hoping to see people join in the topics and help the forums grow. As you can see it's a clean look with no advertising, this is purely a hobby for me.

I hope to be pretty active, but having other members will encourage me to be more active. Let's see if we can make this forum thrive and become the home of many RC Heli Pilots.

Welcome to HeliRaptor.com
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